Adios (1971 model)Edit

The Adios (also Adios Famous Standardbred or Adios Famous Standardbred Presentation Collection) model with hardwood stand with released in 1971 through 1973. The 1971 Adios model was created from the Adios mold sculpted by Chris Hess in 1969. The 1971 Adios model shares the same model number as the 1969 Adios model. They are both model number 50. However the 1971 Adios comes on a hardwood stand and is part of the Presentation Collection. The model was created in Traditional scale only.

About the ModelEdit

The 1971 Adios model is bay colored with a black mane and tail. He has black stockings and two back white socks. The back hooves are light tan and the front hooves are black. It comes a hardwood stand with a brass plate. The model is standing with all four hooves on the ground, looking ahead. His tail is down and his mane laying down on his neck. The model is Traditional scale only.

Buyers and traders should be careful to not confuse the 1971 Adios with the 1969 Adios without a stand or the newer #5050 Aidos Presentation Collection model from 1972 or the additional one from 1969 and 1981 that also have stands.

Collectors who also customize should be warned that the 1971 Adios model is worth hundreds more wiith his stand, so it is suggested you do not customize it or remove the stand. The 1971 Adios model can be difficult to find and it worth an estimated $200 to $305 even though the model was produced for two years.

Adios (racehorse)Edit

The Adios model was modelled after a real horse named Adios (January 3, 1940-1965). Adios was a well-known American Standardbred stallion out of Adioo Volo and the son of Hal Dale. Adios was trained and driven by Frank Ervin. Adios was owned by Harry Warren of the Warren Bros. film studio at one time. He was a multiple world champion harness racing stallion during his career. His pacing record stood for 43 years at the Shelbyville, Indiana fair. Adios is however, most famous for his offspring he sired. He sired eight Little Brown Jug winners, which is more than any other horse. Two of his sons, Adios Butler and Bret Hanover went on the winner the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers. Adios sired 589 offspring. After his death, he was buried under his favorite apple tree. Adios also has a race and golf club named after him.


  • Model Name: Adios (also Adios Famous Standardbred or Adios Famous Standardbred Presentation Collection)
  • Model Number: 50
  • Mold: Adios
  • Released in 1971 to 1973
  • Color: Bay
  • Markings: Four black stockings and two hind white socks on legs, tan hind hooves, and black front hooves. Model is on hardwood stand with brass plate.
  • Scale: Traditional
  • Estimated Price: $200 to $305 depending on condition