Alpine Goat (model)Edit

The Alpine Goat model was released in 1999 usng the Alpine Goat mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody. Breyer stop producing the Alpine Goat model in 2002. The model is a Traditional scale tricolored Alpine Goat with large horns and a lock of hair coming from its chin. The model has three hooves on the ground and its right front leg raised in the air. The Alpine Goat model was part of the Companion Animals line produced by Breyer. Its model number is 1512.



The #1512 Alpine Goat model by Breyer. Some rights reserved by Princess Milady of Flickr. Attribution/Non-Commerical/No Derivative Works License

  • Model Name: Alpine Goat
  • Model Number: 1512
  • Mold: Alpine Goat
  • Released 1999 to 2002
  • Color: Tricolored
  • Scale: Traditional
  • Estimated Price: $10 to $40 depending on condition