Merlin (model)Edit

Merlin is a Breyer horse model created from the American Saddlebred Stallion mold that was sculpted by Kathleen Moody in 2000. Merlin is a dramatically edited version of this mold however. Merlin is a Traditional scale model. Dragon wings, two horns, scales, and cloven hooves were added to the original American Saddlebred Stallion mold to create Merlin. Merlin appears to be half dragon and half horse and has many dragon features add to him. The model is also painted an odd color for Breyers. The model is painted an iridescent purple and blue. The 26 Merlins are numbered on their bellies 1 through 26 depending on what order they were created in.

The Merlin model was a special prize at a Breyerfest Raffle in 2005 to fit the Medieval Times Breyerfest theme. There are only 26 Merlins making them one of the rarer Breyers. One reported sold for $6,000 on Ebay in 2007 after a bidding war. Another Merlin reported raffled for $2,800 at the 2005 Breyerfest dinner. The Merlin model is virtually impossible to find for sale nowadays.

The artist's proof of Merlin was created by Alexandrea Aberbom for the first Model Horse Jamboree Tricked Out Pony contest in 2002. The artist's proof was sold over Ebay and the proof's name is "Dragon Knight".


  • Model's Name: Merlin
  • Mold: American Saddlebred Stallion
  • Color: Iridescent purple and blue (with dragon wings, cloven hooves, and scales)
  • Scale: Traditional
  • Estimated Price: $3,000 and up depending on condition