Red Pegasus (Model)Edit

The Red Pegasus has been the subject of rumors for years. The models were rumored to be inspired by the Mobil Oil Company which has a red pegasus as its trademark. A number of the models have been sold on eBay recently, and all of them have proved to be customs, not original finish models.

Breyer collectors now believe that the models were painted by Mobil Oil Company employees, franchise owners, or memorabilia collectors since some of the models are missing the Breyer stamp. They may have been custom painted as promotions for gas stations, but there is no evidence that any were ever actually painted by Breyer. Knowledgeable collectors believe these models are aftermarket customs, not factory originals.


Model Name: Red Pegasus

Model Number: No number because these models are all customs.

Mold: Lippizan Stallion (also Pegasus)

Scale: Classic

Color: Red with black eyes

Estimated Price: Unknown