Vaulting (mold)Edit


#9128 Vaulting mold from the 2010 WEG Stablemates Shadowbox. Some rights reserved by Princess Milady of Flickr. Attribution/Noncommerical/No Derivative Works license

The Vaulting mold was released in 2010 and is part of the G4 collection of Stablemates. The mold was created for the World Equestrian Games Stablemate sets. The Vaulting mold is Stablemate scale and features a horse standing with all hooves on the ground with large feathered legs. The mold was created to represent the event Vaulting.

Models using this MoldEdit

  • #9121 World Equestrian Games: Vaulting (blue roan) - released 2010-now
  • #9128 World Equestrian Games Stablemates Shadowbox (with Cantering Warmblood, Dressage, Driving, Para Dressage, Standing Thoroughbred (with WEG blanket), Endurance, Reining, and Warmblood Jumper) (light chestnut) - released 2010 (World Equestrian Games, Limited Run)